08 May 2006


It is absolutely beautiful outside today!
I walk outside on my way to class.
The sky is clear with just a few clouds in it,
There is a nice gentle breeze,
And the temperature is perfect.
The means upper 40s lower 50s.
It truly is a postcard day.

Which reminds me.
The Monday before Recognition.
We had a slightly different SPIRE meeting.
(SPIRE is a generic term for Monday night bible study)
Beth Champion Masson was in town and come to do a concert for us.
So all the SPIRE groups got together and went to the concert.
She played a song she had written called Postcards.
I felt the God had given her the word for that song just for me.
It described exactly the way I had been feeling through out the year up here.
It talks about how God has created this entire world just for us and left us reminders all over the place.
I see these most in the sky,
But that’s just me.
She said I could put the lyrics on here if I linked to here site.
So here’s the link.
Beth Champion Mason
And here’s the lyrics to the chorus.

“You write me postcards in the evening sky,
Love letters in the sand,
And I can see your signature in the creases of my hand,
There is poetry in the colors of the falling autumn leaves,
And every postcard reads ‘I love you’”

I had used the word postcard to describe the world in a previous post.
So I thought that was really cool.
Go to her website and you can hear a clip of the song.
Or you can wait till I get home for summer break and I’ll show you the CD.


~*Joyzey*~ said...

that does sound like the perfit day, just make the timp more like 70' and that's mine.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

but we're all used to the freezing cold.
So this is nice.

Carey said...

Sounds like some gorgeous weather.

I remember you telling me about Beth Chapmion. Love that song.

Redwalldebater said...

Heh, I wish it was that cold here... that would mean we would have a chance of snow... hopefully... Ah well. Lucky you!

~*Joyzey*~ said...

yeah, going from freezing to 40's, I can see it now. it's in the 90's here. and the pool will be open soon!!!