09 May 2006

Swing Club

We got an extra night of swing tonight.
We had a briefing last Thursday so we couldn’t meet then.
So we’re double dipping this week.
I tried a few new combinations of moves and they seemed to work well.
I’m going to have to show everybody back home this stuff over Summer.
I had heard Sonlight’s dance teacher was going to put something together,
But my sources haven’t heard anything yet.
(Hint Hint)
(I’ll cook again)
I’ve got salt crystallized on my forehead.
Yeah, I know.
That’s disgusting.


Carey said...

Salt crystallized on your forehead??? Ew.

Sounds like fun and can't wait to see these moves!

"Hint Hint... I'll cook again." LOL

Redwalldebater said...

How did you get salt on your forehead? Sweating? It's not that hot there is it?

Swing.... not bad. Do you know that is the only dance (according to MK) that the guys at prom would dance with any of the girls. Not the foxtrot not anything like that, just the swing.

Palm boy said...

Looks easier. Less sudden changes of motion.

Heh, Ihope you don't use that salt to cook with.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

No, It's not hot up here.
That's thing thing.

Carey said...

Thing thing? I assume you meant "That's the thing."