29 February 2008

Happy Leap Day

I have been informed that it is also Sadie Hawkins Day.
Apparently that means this is the one day out of four years when the ladies can propose to the guys.
Scary thought.
And right after Singles Awareness Day.
Who's brilliant idea was that?

20 February 2008

Lunar Looniness

Tonight is a full Lunar Eclipse.
This is the last one until 2010.
21-Dec-2010 to be precise.
And yes...
For my freinds up at USAFA in the Class of 2010...
The moon will turn red then too.
(Yeah, I know that's after graduation)
For those of you long term planners that are marking the next one on your calenders,
There will be a total Solar Eclipse visible from the U.S. on 21-Aug-2017.
Really long term.

18 February 2008


My siblings got kitten.
They were getting a tour of the police department for scouts,
And decided to finish it off with a tour of the animal shelter.

I am not a cat person.
I am a dog person.
Especially big dogs,
Like German Shepards, and Huskies, and Collies.

I don't like cats.
I don't dislike them,
They're just not my most favorite animal in the world.

This cat is either really stupid,
Or really smart.
It either doesn't realize that I don't like cats,
Or it's figured out that I'm too much of a softy to be mean to it.

Every time I sit down,
It jumps in my lap and goes to sleep.
Why doesn't it do this to anyone else?


15 February 2008

Guess What!?!?

Walmart is havening a sale on chocolate.
It's right next to the flowers,

In other news,
My sister got her Drivers License.
I'd warn you all to stay off the roads,
but she's actually a better driver than I am.

03 February 2008


I said it was going to happen,
and it did.
The only reason I care is because it goes well with this video clip.
(Honestly, I only watched the last 5 min)