25 December 2005


I got an iron for Christmas!
Not just any iron...
This iron has a nonstick pad and a retractable cord.
I’ve got the hottest iron on campus now!
Woo Hoo!!!

22 December 2005

Service Academy Ball

The Ball went better than I expected.
I had no idea what to expect.
I’ve never been to a military ball that was optional.
Or one that’s been mixed with upperclassmen.
I was looking for a buddy of mine when some girl walked up to me and asked me to dance with her cousin.
It turns out that they were there with a West Point Army Cadet.
He had brought his sister and two cousins.
So that family had three girls and only one guy to dance with.
So I got adopted for the evening.
After they left,
I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in several years.
She was there with I family I knew who had a cadet at West Point.
She asked me to teach her swing,
The music didn’t exactly go with swing,
So I took her outside the ballroom and showed her a little.
The family she had come with came out and saw us,
So I wound up teaching a couple of them too.
Then my parents walked out.
They didn’t know I could dance so they just stood there and stared for a while.

17 December 2005


Just so you all know,
I don't have my scores in yet.
I just know I did really well.
Pray that The instructors would understand my points in my essays and math workout.
You have no idea how many point partial credit brings.

On a brighter note...
I'll be in Texas for lunch tomorrow.

Calc Final

Last one done!
Current Score

Dean: 0 Earth: 3

16 December 2005

Chem Final

That went well.
I know I did good on that one.

Current Score

Dean: 0 Earth: 2

History Final

Hey Y'all. Thanks for the prayer.
I took my first final this morning.
I don't have the grade yet,
but it want really well.
Really, really well.
And that was the test I needed the 95 on.

Current Score
Dean: 0 Earth: 1

14 December 2005


Today is the last day of classes.
In celebration,
My chemistry instructor made ice cream.
Not just any ice cream,
but liquid nitrogen ice cream.
He mixed Half & Half with sugar,
and poured liquid nitrogen directly with that mixture.
It was good.

12 December 2005


Hey Y'all,
I need you to pray.
This evening at Honor Guard,
One of my teammates got stabbed in the hand with a saber.
He was doing a regular routine and the person throwing it to him missed.
He is at the Emergency Room now.
He'll be fine, but pray that it heals by the time we comeback from break.
The team is having problem with grades.
There are some of us,
(Myself included)
That aren't doing to well academically.
If we don't have above a 2.0 GPA after finals,
we can't stay on the team next semester.
Finals are our only shot at making it up.
Pray that we all do well.
Studying for and taking the finals.


Today we did Photography for our lab.
We got those little cardboard box cameras and some light sensitive paper.
I took my picture of the F-16.
That's where we do all our Honor Guard training.
I flipped it and reversed the colors so you can see what it's really like.

11 December 2005


One More Week

Till I get on that plane and go back to Texas.
I get a whole two weeks off for Christmas.

08 December 2005

Space Cadet

This is great.
There is a group of people who think they’re going into space for four days,
Courtesy of the “Russian Tourism Agency”.
What they don’t know is that it’s just another “Reality” TV show.
Their “Russian” training base is a an old unused Air Base in England.
Their space ship is a prop from the old movie “Space Cowboys”.
I almost feel sorry for these people.

07 December 2005

Cold Weather Clothing

I decided to get out and try my thermals today.
Good idea since the high was 3.
Bad idea cause they're just like tights.
Feels good cause they're warm.
Feels disturbing cause they look like tights.

Snow Again

It snowed last night.
It looks like two or three inches.
I looked at the weather and it only gets above freezing once before the weekend.
And then it’s gonna snow again.
For two days.
Then two days no snow,
Then two more days of snow.
I can’t wait to get back to Texas.

05 December 2005


We had some crazy wind today.
It was blowing people all over the place.
It blew all the snow away.
Now the Terrazzo is just a block of ice.

03 December 2005


We got at least a foot of snow last night.
I went to bed and there was nothing on the ground.
I woke up and there was six inches.
And it kept snowing all day.
That is me.

02 December 2005


That was interesting.
I’m in Chemistry Class now.
The instructor stepped out while we were filling out course evaluations.
While he was out,
Another instructor came in to barrow some chemicals.
He looks around and then says,
“You guys wanna see something cool?”
He cleans off a spot on the desk and sprays this stuff out of a white bottle.
Then he lights a match and sets it all on fire.
Then he says,
“See ya”
And walks out.
Then our instructor walks in.
That was interesting.

Then he steps out again,
and the other instrucotr comes in and sets the desk on fire again.
Then our instructor comes back in.
After the fire dies out,
He starts to teach class.

After a while the other instructor walks in again.
He looks at all the stuff on the desk now, and asks our instructor,
"Can I just set the whole desk on fire?"

01 December 2005


Ladies & Gentlemen...
It's my great pleasure to announce...
(In case you haven't already heard)
That Sonlight Robotics will be Competing at Texas BEST this year.
After taking 1st in BEST and 2nd in the competition at the District Level,
They will put their Robot against the best in the Great State of Texas.
After a routine inspection of their progress this past weekend,
I expect them to come home with nothing less than First Place.
I watched several of their drivers control the Robot in a simulated competition.
They drove with the controller behind their back and still scored all the points,
With time to spare.
As I said,
I expect northing less than First Place.
All of you that can,
I’d appreciate if you all pocked your heads in and at least watched some of the game.
(Since I can’t be there myself)
Texas BEST decided not to broadcast the games on the internet this time.
So if any of you have one of those cool Cell Phones that does E-Mail,
Drop me a note and tell me how things are going.
You can get my address from either of my parents or any of my sibling.
Probably from most of the team too.

The competition will be at SMU on Dec 3.
The Games start at 0800 and are projected to last until 1700.
The Awards Ceremony is scheduled to commence at 1700 and go until 1800.

So go out there and cheer on the team.
I’ll be sitting in my room cheering.
(I expect updates every time we compete)
Bring lot’s of noise makers and things to bang on.
(Kids can use their voices, Adults may want a trash can or bucket for beating)
Go out there and make ‘em wonder what hit’em.


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