01 December 2005


Ladies & Gentlemen...
It's my great pleasure to announce...
(In case you haven't already heard)
That Sonlight Robotics will be Competing at Texas BEST this year.
After taking 1st in BEST and 2nd in the competition at the District Level,
They will put their Robot against the best in the Great State of Texas.
After a routine inspection of their progress this past weekend,
I expect them to come home with nothing less than First Place.
I watched several of their drivers control the Robot in a simulated competition.
They drove with the controller behind their back and still scored all the points,
With time to spare.
As I said,
I expect northing less than First Place.
All of you that can,
I’d appreciate if you all pocked your heads in and at least watched some of the game.
(Since I can’t be there myself)
Texas BEST decided not to broadcast the games on the internet this time.
So if any of you have one of those cool Cell Phones that does E-Mail,
Drop me a note and tell me how things are going.
You can get my address from either of my parents or any of my sibling.
Probably from most of the team too.

The competition will be at SMU on Dec 3.
The Games start at 0800 and are projected to last until 1700.
The Awards Ceremony is scheduled to commence at 1700 and go until 1800.

So go out there and cheer on the team.
I’ll be sitting in my room cheering.
(I expect updates every time we compete)
Bring lot’s of noise makers and things to bang on.
(Kids can use their voices, Adults may want a trash can or bucket for beating)
Go out there and make ‘em wonder what hit’em.


Team's Website
Team's Blog
Texas BEST


Redwalldebater said...

WooT go Sonlight robotics!!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

You have no idea how much it kills me not to be there this year.
We've got a killer robot this time.
Itried it and did really well not seeing it before.
I watched several of the drivers and their amazing!

Palm boy said...

It's sooooooooo awsome.

I'm hoping the campus has a wireless network, I could send updates a few times.

That stinks their not broadcasting this year though. We have the potential to win 1st in both category

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! SONLIGHT!!! Funny, it is our school..huh?