30 November 2006


The Sunrise was absolutely beautiful this morning.
The sun hadn’t yet come over the horizon,
But it’s light was being refracted through the atmosphere
So that the purest white light was falling on the mountain range.
Each individual snowflake was reflecting a single ray of light,
So that the mountain range began to glow a bright pure white.
Every detail was visible.
Every tree,
Every rock.
The entire mountain range stood there,
Redirecting the sunlight onto USAFA.

Global Warming

Remeber all those hurricanes in '05 that were caused by Global Warming?
And all the ones we had this year?
Well now we have another problem.
A storm that stretches half way across the country.
Half of which is snow.
It must be Global Warming.

26 November 2006

Definitions of "No":

Not in any degree or manner; not at all; "he is no better today"
A negative; "his no was loud and clear"
Quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of; "we have no bananas"; "no eggs left and no money to buy any"; "have you no decency?"; "did it with no help"; "I'll get you there in no time"
Used to express refusal or denial or disagreement etc or especially to emphasize a negative statement; "no, you are wrong"

Incase this wasn't explicitly clear,
Certain individuals may want to consider doing a word study on "No".

22 November 2006

Commandant's Challenge

Yay for Commandant’s Challenge.
Bring it on!
The first day was ok.
Had MREs for lunch in the SAR.
Afterwards we went down to Field Training Exercise (FTX).

For FTX,
We ran around with our rubber duckies and stuff.
Various combat scenarios.
We had to use a map and compass to find our way to the different event.
And we had to travel in tactical formations.

The first event was Self Aid and Buddy Care.
We navigated to the event and found several “injured” troops from a “terrorist” attack.
We secured the perimeter,
And treated the wounded.
My “victim” had been “shot” through the lung.
And he was laying next to an “IED”
So I got some one to help move him a safe distance away.
It turned out that the guy that helped me move the “victim” knew him too.
So I had him start talking to the “victim” while I treated the wound.
Then a third person came to help.
I had her treat for shock.
Over all…
The grader said we had done the best he had seen.

The next event was base set up.
We had to use sand bags to create fortifications.
And then we had to set up three tents.
While guarding the base we were making.
After we finished the tents,
We had to take a test,
As we were doing that,
The sun set behind the mountains.
There was a noticeable drop in temperature.
It went from warm out,
To so cold we could see our breath in five minutes.

The last event was Chem Warfare.
Three people from our element had to get into Chem Gear in a certain amount of time.
It was really funny.
The one girl couldn’t get her combat boot into the chem suit boot.
The other two tried to help.
They eventually got it on.
We had to help put the gear away.
That meant getting the chem. Boot off of her combat boot.
That proved interesting.
We eventually had three guys pulling her arms,
While I pulled on the boot.
It looked like tug o war.
After about ten minutes,
We finally got it off.

After that,
We had to go tear down the base we had made.
And it was really cold out by now.
After we finished,
We went to the road to get on the buses to go back to the Cadet Area.
But they were gone.
We waited for them to come back.
But it took forever.
And it was below freezing.
And we were all dressed for the warmer weather that was out when we started.
So we did the only thing we could to keep some heat in.
We all huddled together.
That helped,
While we were there,
Someone pointed out a satellite flying over heard.
We looked,
And the some one commented,
“I’ll bet they’re looking at us thought the Infrared right now.”
We all laughed at the thought of a black screen with a giant red dot in the middle.
Only after zooming in would it be noticed that that dot was in fact 20+ people trying to stay warm.

The next day we had a SAMI.
Good times.
I got a 95.
After that was an PAI.
I got 100 on that one.
Then we had a flight drill evaluation.
We ended up taking 2nd in the Wing for that.
Afterwards was the “PT Challenge”.
Challenge whatever.
It was a piece of cake.

The last day started with the Falcon Fued.
Similar to the AWANA Bible Quiz.
Only with military knowledge.
The first round was brutal.
The other team got all the questions.
And only one of their team was answering.
We thought we were done for.
But we made a comeback during the next three rounds.
We ended up beating them by 5 points.
Just barely,
But just enough to brag about.

Then we had a parade.
I ended up being the Unit Colors bearer.
I found that out when I got there.
Oh well.
We did well.

18 November 2006


I went with a freind for dinner and a movie last night.
We went to see Cars.
(They occasionally show movies here at Arnold Hall)
It was a good movie.
There were a lot of 4*'s watching it with us.
(Since they have absolutely nothing better to do)
But I will admit,
It was entertaining at times.
Particularly they’re reaction when Sgt Jeep was raising the flag and playing reveille.
There was much moaning and groaning.
And a few of them went into spasms.
(just kidding)
And then it happened a second time.
I’ve gotten over the whole reveille trauma thing,
But they haven’t.
You could literally feel the tension rising during those to scenes.
That was interesting.

I also thought the “tractor tipping” part was funny.

17 November 2006

Bionic Hornet

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel is using nanotechnology to try to create a robot no bigger than a hornet that would be able to chase, photograph and kill its targets, an Israeli newspaper reported on Friday.
The flying robot, nicknamed the "bionic hornet", would be able to navigate its way down narrow alleyways to target otherwise unreachable enemies such as rocket launchers, the daily Yedioth Ahronoth said.
It is one of several weapons being developed by scientists to combat militants, it said. Others include super gloves that would give the user the strength of a "bionic man" and miniature sensors to detect suicide bombers.
The research integrates nanotechnology into Israel's security department and will find creative solutions to problems the army has been unable to address, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres told Yedioth Ahronoth.
"The war in Lebanon proved that we need smaller weaponry. It's illogical to send a plane worth $100 million against a suicidal terrorist. So we are building futuristic weapons," Peres said.
The 34-day war in Lebanon ended with a U.N.-brokered ceasefire in mid-August. The war killed more than 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians, and 157 Israelis, mostly soldiers.
Prototypes for the new weapons are expected within three years, he said.
© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.
When do these things hit WalMart?

15 November 2006

Water Haze

Today was my first class of Water Survival.
Most affectionately referred to as “Water Haze”.

The whole class is done wearing BDUs (camos).
So there is a lot of drag and it’s hard to swim.
Because of this,
I went to the uniform replacement store to get some new smaller BDUs,
Since I normally wear Larges.
I found the smallest ones I could fit into in the Medium section,
And went and bought them.
Only to discover,
They weren’t mediums.
They were X-Smalls.
That’s right.
I stuffed my Large body into and X-Small.
And it was tight.

As is typical with most PE classes,
They offered us to chance to validate it.
Validation requires swimming 25 meter totally underwater in a single breath,
Jumping off the 5 meter and swimming under the first bulkhead,
To the next bulkhead,
And back in 1 min 15 sec,
And jumping of the 10 meter and swimming under the bulkhead without surfacing and spreading the water.

Keep in mind that 10m is more than 30 feet.
And there was some Physics major calculating the acceleration due to gravity to determine the speed we would hit the water.
Not cool.

This may not sound hard to those of you who are swimmers,
But try it in baggy pants and shirt.
With enormous pockets.

I did the 25m and nearly drowned.
Fortunately I know how to control my breathing.
I made the 5m scenario in 1 min 13 sec.
And I managed to complete the 10m scenario after having all the air forced out of my lungs when hitting the water.
I was swallowing water to keep from inhaling it.

So in the end…
I did validate the class.That’s an automatic A.
This is supposed to be the toughest PE class here.

14 November 2006

One Week Left

Within seven days time,
I will once again stand on blessed Texan soil.

I can't wait.

12 November 2006

11 November 2006

F-35 Lightning II Joint Stike Fighter

I was sitting CQ,
And I was too sleep deprived to do any real work,
And I had to do something to stay awake.
So I made this.

10 November 2006


As our Naval Exchange Cadet pointed out earlier today,
(He's actually scheduled to commision in the Marines instead of the Navy)
Today is the Marines' birthday.

So in honor of those who actually work for a living,
Here is the clip he sent me.

Rubber Duckie

Commn's Challenge is next weekend,
And just for the occasion,
They’ve issued us rubber M-16s.
Most affectionately referred to as Rubber Duckies.

When I got mine,
I noticed it was particularly dirty.
I decided I should clean it,
So it doesn’t get my uniform dirty.

I was thinking of how I could clean it.
I can’t use any of the sinks,
They’re too small.
Maybe I should just take it with me to the shower.

Then I thought of this.

09 November 2006


Tonight was our annual Bonfire
It wasn’t as cool as last year’s.
They didn’t light it properly,
Much less build it right.
And the funny part was,
The Safety and Security guys were there with their little fire extinguishers.
(As if those would have done anything)
And when the grass caught fire and started spreading,
They were arguing over who had to go put it out.

I feel safe.

I guess them being incapable of putting out the fire
was negated by their inability to build one.

Military Pilots

Got this from my law instructor.
Thought y'all might find it interesting.
The following is a cut, copy, and paste of the EMail she forwarded me.

If you don't think our military pilots earn their pay ...
you need to take a look at this picture ...
and then look again and realize what you're seeing ..

This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helo rescue mission.
The pilot is a PA Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life.
Now how many people on the planet you reckon
could set the bottom end of a chopper down on the roof top of a shack
on a steep mountain cliff
and hold it there while soldiers load wounded men in the rear?
If this does not impress you ...
nothing ever will.
Gives me the chills and a serious case of the vertigo ...
I can't even imagine having the nerve ...
much less the talent and ability ...

07 November 2006


Hussein says "I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, to forgive, reconcile and shake hands,"
A little late for that.
You might of considered that before the world decided you were no longer worthy of leading your country.


I just got out of my psych class.
Apparently the instructor had worked on some sleep study in the DOD before coming here to teach.
It has long since been believed that because of their workload,
Submariners got the least sleep for the most extended periods of time in the entire military.
He says that is not the case.
It is in fact the Cadet Wing that gets the least amount of sleep for extended periods of time.
This is coming from several respected sleep researchers.

And this new schedule of calls isn't helping.
They told us that they were implementing the new schedule of calls to get us more sleep.

I can see how pushing taps back a half hour and making reveille a half our earlier equals more sleep.
(That was sarcasm)

04 November 2006


Acording to CNN,
Rumsfeld should be replaced because,
"He's lost the support and respect of the military"

Guess what that really doesn't matter.
There are quite a few people in leadership positions here at the Academy that most everyone I've talked too don't "support and respect".
The military is not a democracy.
That's reserved for public governing bodies.
I don't get any say in who my commander is.
And it doesn't matter if I "support and respect" them as a person.
But I must support and respect his rank.

Even if the are generals who don't like him,
Be deal.
Get over it.
It's not your job to like him.
If you don't like your boss,
Then resign, retire, whatever,
And then you can complain all you want.

“An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. If
you must vilify, condemn, and eternally disparage - resign your
position, and when you are outside damn to your heart’s content;
but as long as you are part of the institution, do not condemn it.
If you do that you are loosening the tendrils that are holding you
to the institution, and at the first high wind that comes along,
you will be uprooted and blown away, and you probably never
know the reason why.” -Elbert Hubbard

03 November 2006

Time Critical

*****Time Critical*****

Due to the Air Force victory over Army, fourth class cadets are at rest until ACQ on Sunday and breakfast is optional for all classes for all of next week.

*****End Messages*****

The Media

How about that...
Some positive media coverage.
I thought they didn't like us.


01 November 2006

Stay In School

Regardless of how they try to spin this...
Who the comment was towards and all that,
The issue still remains.
While he didn't come outright and say it...
(Probably cause he hasn't got the guts)
He implied that my brothers and sisters deployed in the desert are stupid.
He may have served in the military before,
But I'm not sure he realizes that the only reason he can say things like that are because they are over there doing what they do best.
Protecting his freedoms.

I've been wondering...
Why does Article 88 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice make it illegal for commissioned officers to use "contemptuous words" against certain civil officials.
Aka. Congress,
But there is absolutely nothing wrong with them insulting us?

(BTW: I’m not commissioned yet
So if OSI is reading this…
I should be ok)


I just had a nice discussion with a good friend of mine from OCF.
I have come to the following conclusions

1. I cannot solve all the world’s problems.
2. The World’s problems are not mine to fix.
(Thank goodness)
3. I cannot solve all of my own problems.
(Te cause: My sinful nature)
4. Not all of my problems are min to fix.
(Which is why we have salvation)

All of this makes life a lot less stressful.

The Affects of Day Light Savings

I defiantly like the sun out earlier.
It's a lot nicer walking to breakfast with the sunrise
As opposed to the sky just starting to get light.

As I came out of breakfast,
I noticed that the sun couldn't be seen because of the fog that covered the plains,
But I could see the shadow of the horizon slowly creeping down the mountains as the sun began to rise.
The light hasn't hit the Cadet Area yet,
But you can see it coming.
It looks beautiful.