25 August 2008

Citation Needed

The world would be such a simpler place if there were more individuals like this one.

20 August 2008

Orion ReEntry Vehicle Test

Nasa tested the Apollo style chutes on the Orion ReEntry Vehicle.
This is the thing that's supposed to take us back to the moon.

I feel really confident.
And all Nasa had to say after this was,
"Good thing we tested it"

18 August 2008

13 August 2008

And For My next Vanishing Act....

I was helping some friends move some furniture into an apartment last night,
And when I went back to my car,
There was a something in my seat.
It looked disturbingly like my AC control panel.
It was.
Except usually,
My stero system was sitting in the middle of that unit.It wasn't there.
On the plus side,
Since Force equals mass times acceleration,
I calculate that I'll be using only 99% of the amount of fuel as before.
That means I'll be able to save enough to replace it in about 8 years.

11 August 2008

Lost and Found

I found this on my phone.

Lt Gen Lorenz on Leadership

While cleaning my room,
I cam across what was left of the ragged notebook I used to take notes at Field Training.
After leafing through it,
I realized the vast majority of the pages were useless.
Not only because they were so dirty and smudged you could barely read them,
But what little was readable,
Was just basic daily todo lists.
Nothing very useful outside of that environment.
But then,
I cam across one page,
With the big title "Lt Gen Lorenz on Leadership".
While we were there,
Gen Lorenz came to speak to us.
(Apparently He was promoted to General just a few weeks afterwards)
I've seen a handful of general speak before,
Probably a good deal more than most people in my position,
And this had to be one of the best I've seen.
This may be because they had me so brainwashed by that time,
But after looking over my notes,
I don't think that was the case.
He had what he called "Lorenz's 13 points of Leadership"
I thought they were useful,
Maybe someone else out there will too.

1. Learn to balance shortfalls, because you will never have enough time, money, or manpower.
2. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
3. Keep your eye on the ball.
4. The toughest word to say is "Yes".
5. Always make you decisions in the light of day.
6. Don't lose your temper unless you plan too.
7. You have to be able to lead your people, get along with your peers, and manage your bosses.
8. Ego is the number one facilitator, and at the same time detriment, to mission accomplishment.
9. Never develop a sense of entitlement.
10.Apply overwhelming combat power at the point which it will have the most effect.
11. Everything about leadership is grounded in Integrity.
12. You never know when you're going to make a difference.
13. Being in the military is about service to others.

He ended with this quote.
"My deepest fear is that I'll look back on my life,
And wonder what I did with it."

Here are some links to articles he published on leadership in the Air & Space Power Journel
Summer 2005 Lorenz on Leadership
Spring 2008 Lorenz on Leadership Part 2

10 August 2008


So what I want to know,
Is When the Google people were driving around recording all this,
Did they Stop to help?

08 August 2008

Physics is Cool

Doc would be so proud,
Maybe now Marty will think physics is cool.
Just incase the Flux Capacitor wasn't enough to convince him.

Particle Accelerator Rap

05 August 2008

Designer Clothing for the Warfighter

Have you ever looked at an article of clothing and thought,
"I wouldn't be caught dead in that!"
Have you ever looked at a standard military gas mask and thought these very words?
Well now...
You don't have to.
Introducing a brand new line of designer gas masks.
With the different models to choose from,
you can guarantee you'll go out in style.

04 August 2008

Over Clocking Gone Over Board

This is pretty cool.
Not sure I'd want one though.
I can Imagine this would get pretty annoying after a short period of time.


03 August 2008

Some People...

Have way too much time on their hands...