28 September 2009


Drunken idiot 21 yr old burns flag in patriotic town of Valley Falls, NY.
Townsmen initiate man hunt,
Ducttape moron to the flag pole he desecrated.

26 July 2009

An interesting idea...
This will require much thought.

17 July 2009

Google Voice

I just got my Google Voice account set up.Looks nice.
My initial field test of the voice m ail transcriber failed miserably though.
But to be fair,
I tested it next to a fan while my little brother was playing video games.
I guess taking that into account,
It did pretty well.
I really said, "This is just a test. There is no need to panic."
All in all,
It looks cool.

09 July 2009


I think it says P0420PD.
I've never seen an OBDII code like that before.

Office 2010

08 July 2009

Google Chrome OS

It's about freakin time.
Google is finally going to make their own OS.
They're calling it the Chrome OS.
I assume it's based off their browser by the same name.
I've been waiting for this for the last 5 years.
I'm surprised it's not gotten more buzz.
Maybe it's cause they're also in the process of rolling out Google Voice and Wave.
Each of which will change electronic communication significantly in their own right.
Both of those are getting lots of attention in intertubes.

And Here It Comes Again!!!

Happy Numerical Alignment Day!!!1!!cos(0)!!
12:34:56 7/8/9

Niffty News

This morning the dimension of time was numerically aligned.
12:34:56 7/8/9
I love how our artificial ways of measuring things make us feel special.

30 May 2009

Google Wave

Google just announced this cool new thing called Wave.
It's a sweet new form of internet communication.
I had been designing something similar for the last two months,
Looks like they beat me too it.
Their version is fair more extensive than what I had come up with.

22 May 2009

$1500 Break Dancing Robot

It seems the Japanese have nothing better to do than build dancing robots.
Good work

16 May 2009

Coolest Job in the World

Why can't I have a job like this?

Earthquake in Texas

We had an earthquake while I was at work today.
I just found out.
It was a 3.3 Richter happened at 11:24 AM local time (Central Standard Time).
I defiantly did not notice.
Here's a Link the the data so you can see it on Google Earth.
Also the WolframAlpha data.Coincidentally enough,
the fire alarms went off in the hotel several times last night.
The maintenance crew could never figure out why.
I wonder if the pre tremors tripped them.

WolframAlpha: The Amazing New Search Engine

Amazing stuff.
Just look at what it returns for the query "earth"
As opposed to Googleing "earth"
Check out some of their suggested sample searches.
Like the "International Space Station".
I find WloframAlpha much more information at first glance.
WolframAlpha does give you it's source for the information,
But it's limited to what you see on the first page.
Google, on the other hand,
Will give you every bit of data you're looking for,
You just have to know what your looking for.
There are plusses and minuses to both engines.
I'd be interested to see what would happen if you where to combine the two somehow.
Be aware,
WolframAlpha is being bombarded with curious users,
So you may get an error screen.
Just hit refresh and it should work fine.
It's pretty cool,
As far as error screens go.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

I have no idea if this is legit or not,
Whoever made it seems to have put way too much effort into it for it to be a spoof.
My money is on the Octopus.

Pixar's Tokyo Mater Drift

11 May 2009

Palm Pre

I think I'm due for an upgrade.

07 May 2009

04 May 2009

I Think, Therefore I Move?

Fighter Pilots will be able to fly their planes by thought,
just like in the book Firefox.

21 April 2009

Cyber Insecurity

Last week,
Hackers gained access to our national power grid.There honestly has not been much news about that incident,
The only credible source I was able to find was an article from the Wall Street Journal.
We don't even know who did it.
The current assumption is that it was Russian or Chinese,
But for all we know it could have been Terrorists,
Or even just home grown cyber criminals.
So far,
We can see that they've left malware and back doors on our systems.
This would allow them access to our grids whenever they please.
And that's only what we've been able to find.
Who knows what else they've left there.

Now I'm getting news through the tubes,
That there's been another major cyber attack.
This time,
They hit managed to steal several terabytes of information about the new Joint Strike Fighter .
That's terabytes.
With a T.
To put that in perspective,
One Terabyte is nearly eight and a half of Apple's latest biggest iPod.
And it gets worse.
Whoever it was,
encrypted the data before they took it off out networks.
So we're not even sure what they know.

As I recall...
The cyclons got access to the colonial network and their most modern fighters in order to internally paralyze the colonial resistance before attacking.
Also on a Hollywood note,
I recall the power grid and the F-35 being targets of hacking during the most resent Life Free Die Hard movie.
You know what the means.
There's only one man that can save us.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates did just recently say we need to revamp our cyber security.
Looks like we'll be expanding our Cyber wing up from 5 airmen.

If any one has those connections on LinkedIn,
Tell him I'm available.

Drive By Musical

12 April 2009

Dip The Girl

Like Niki says...
"Just Do It"
As a professional courtesy at least.

09 March 2009


Someone in London reads my blog

16 January 2009

Hover! in 256 colors!!!

For those of you that remeber Hover from Windows 95,
I managed to dig up an old copy.
It runs just fine on Win XP.
Ignore the 256 Color warning at the beginning.
Things have progressed a tad since then.