19 April 2008

The Doolittle Raiders' 66th Reunion

The Doolittle Raiders had their 66th annual reunion here in Dallas yesterday.
That was amazing.
I got to present the colors on two different days at their 66th reunion here in Dallas.
General Moseley was there too.
He was the guest speaker.
He was alot funnier than I remembered
The General said he was going to start off with a few Aggie jokes,
And by that,
He meant UT jokes,
But the last time he did that,
He had people coming up to him for the next two days telling him other jokes.

On another note,
I was there really early on Thur,
While they were testing the sound system.
They were using Frank Sinatra to make sure it was all working
There I was...
In a hanger full of airplanes,
with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.
I was defiantly in my element.

16 April 2008

Vista Service Pack One

For those that care.
And for those that don't,
Don't watch this.
I'll make you want to hurt somone.
The sad part about this whole thing?
It was actually made by Microsoft.
I've not actually used Vista,
I've heard to many horror stories about it.
But from the other stuff I've heard...
This video is better than the Operating System it promotes.

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03 April 2008

My New Car

Apparently the previous owner invested alot of money in the sound system in my car.
I didn't notice until I had gotten it home.
The bass was really strong.
I was playing around with it the other day,
Trying to turn it down.
It was already on the lowest setting.
I found that out when I accidentally turned it up.
I'm pretty sure I'll have to get this measure on the Richter scale.
These speakers definitely don't go with my music.