26 June 2007


You know what I just realized…
UTA doesn’t have and AFROTC.
They have an Army ROTC.
UTA shares TCU’s AFROTC.
TCU also happens to be the only college from Texas that the Academy plays.
And this year,
That game is played on 13-SEP,
Can you say,
“Road trip”?

25 June 2007


Why do people assume that I am more than I really am?

In class,
My peers think I'm brilliant.
I'm not really.
I just know how to apply the stuff.
That and I've had this stuff before.

At work,
Whenever I'm on the sales floor,
without my vest that says "cashier,
Customers assume that I'm a manager,
And that I can solve all their problems.
I'm decent at solving problems and learn quickly,
So I can get them the answers when I don't know them myself.

I just talked to some grad student,
Asking him about his computer.
He kept calling me sir.
I know I look younger than I am,
I hear that all the time.
This guy is obviously older than I am.
Why is he calling me sir?
(Of course, I guess it's better than be called maam...)

People seem to assume that I am more than I really am.
Why is this?

24 June 2007

World Record

Windows Vista installed in under two minutes.

New Part

What they sold me...
What I didn't need...
What I really needed.Gotta love that marketing.


An interesting story.
I'm most surprised it showed up on CNN.

23 June 2007

Bringing My Work Home...

At least the humorous side of it...
I thought this was rather amusing.
Think about it.

Windows Vista

No offense to anyone who actually uses Vista,
But I've had nothing but horrible night marish experiences with it.
So I made this image.
I pulled the original off "Windos Vista For Dummies" at Amazon.com and twisted it a bit.

20 June 2007

Physics Homework Helper

For those of you in my Physics calss,
I made this little guide to help with Friday's homework.
Homework Helper
For those of you not in my class,
You can see what I spent all day doing.

11 June 2007

It's Here

I ordered a copy of PCLinuxOS.
It finally got here.
I'm working on getting all the drivers for my laptop and installing it to another SD card.

09 June 2007


I finally got my computer to boot from nothing but a 256 Mb SD card.
(Ya know, those little postage stamp sized cards y'all use in your cameras?)
No Hard Drive.
My next task is couple several cards together to make a much larger RAID Drive out of SD cards.
Preferably 16 Gb
This is a major step towards one of my current projects.