19 February 2005

Kay's Phone Number

I have a great staff at Twin Arrows.
I just have to keep them busy so they stay out of trouble.
There was a void in my schedule so my assistant found a way to occupy himself.
He went around the room colecting girl's phone numbers.
Eventually he got to me and told me I had to give him a girl's phone number.
I pulled out my palm to see if there was something I could do for him.
After looking through my contacts, I found a good number to give him.

"I know a lot of people all over the state, does it have to be local?"
"Good. Here's a good one. Her name is Kay. I only have her work number. She's down in Austin. I met her while I was a page at the Texas Republican State Convention. She's got good charater, conections, and a good paying job."
"Is she hot?"
"I thought she looked good."
"How old is she?"
"I don't know. A little older than me."
"What's her last name?"
"That's a good question. Our name tags only had our first names on them."

I never told him...
but her full name and title is,
Get this,

Senator Kay Baily Hutchison

I wonder if he'll ever call her?

Oh well.
They can't track it back to me.
There were so many numbers on that page,
he'll forget which one I gave him.

White Ink

While we were sitting around at the Twin Arrows Weekender,
The projector happened to be on, so we could see what the guy on the computer was doing.
He started to print something adn one of my staff noticed that on of the indicators for the ink cartridge was white.
He said, "Hey, I think you're running out of ink."
I said, "No, that the White Ink cartridge."
"Oh, I didn't know they made those. That's a good idea."

There was an awkward moment of silence,
before the room burst out laughing.

Finding Your Vision

At the Twin Arrows Weekender my assistant was teaching a class on finding your vision.
While he was doing this, I stepped out of the class to get some cofee
He asked the staff what one of their visions were.
No one would answer.
Just as I walked in, He asks, "Mr. Koller, I know you've got a vision. Ccome write it on the marker board!"
I proceed to the front of the class and pick up the BLUE marker.
I then ask, "Is it alrght if I use the lingo?"
Then, taking the entire board to do so, I write...


The class continues.
"Mr. Koller has a very large vision...

17 February 2005

Air Force Academy PT

The scores are in!

Here they are.
Minimum: 5
I did: 7

Basket ball throw
Minimum: 54'
I did: 56'

Standing Long jump
Minimum: 6'10"
I did: 8'1"

Minimum: 25
I did: 67

Shuttle Run
Maximum: 65 sec
I did: 61 sec

That's the ast thing I needed for the Academy.
I just have to sit and wait.

14 February 2005

Billy Mitchell CAP

Tonight I finished all the requirments for my Billy Mitchell Award.
All I have to do is wait for the paper work to clear nationals.

PT was the last thing I needed.
Here are my scores.

Minimum: 37
I did: 50

Sit ups
Minimum: 44
I did: 60

Mile Run
Maximum: 7 min 3 sec
I did: 6 min 46 sec

Minimum: 34
I did: 37

Paper work should be in Friday

11 February 2005

USAFA PT Practice

I did a practice today

Minimum: 5
I did: 5

Basket ball throw
Minimum: 54'
I did: 56'

Standing Long jump
Minimum: 6'10"
I did: 7'10"

Minimum: 25
I did: 59

Shuttle Run
Maximum: 65 sec
I did: 62 sec