19 February 2005

Kay's Phone Number

I have a great staff at Twin Arrows.
I just have to keep them busy so they stay out of trouble.
There was a void in my schedule so my assistant found a way to occupy himself.
He went around the room colecting girl's phone numbers.
Eventually he got to me and told me I had to give him a girl's phone number.
I pulled out my palm to see if there was something I could do for him.
After looking through my contacts, I found a good number to give him.

"I know a lot of people all over the state, does it have to be local?"
"Good. Here's a good one. Her name is Kay. I only have her work number. She's down in Austin. I met her while I was a page at the Texas Republican State Convention. She's got good charater, conections, and a good paying job."
"Is she hot?"
"I thought she looked good."
"How old is she?"
"I don't know. A little older than me."
"What's her last name?"
"That's a good question. Our name tags only had our first names on them."

I never told him...
but her full name and title is,
Get this,

Senator Kay Baily Hutchison

I wonder if he'll ever call her?

Oh well.
They can't track it back to me.
There were so many numbers on that page,
he'll forget which one I gave him.

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