31 October 2006


My swimming class is going well.
We started testing today.
They graded three strokes and out ability to swim distance underwater.
The final event for the day was jumping off the 5 meter level of the tower and swim under to bulkheads to the other end of the pool.
So far...
I have a 44 out of 45 possible points.
The instrucotr said that my strokes were some of the best he's seen.
And I haven't been in the water in more than two years other than the 8 lessons we've had in the class.

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29 October 2006

Prayer Request

If y'all could pray for me,
I'd apreciate it.
I've not been feeling myself over the past few weeks.
I think it has something to do with Thnaksgiving Break comeing up.
It's either that I've not been away from home for this long before,
(Not counting last year,
cause most of that was Basic,
and I didn't have time to think about it then.)
Or its because I may have to deal with a situation I thought had been taken care of over the summer.
I'm not sure which,
It may be both.
So I don't know if I should be worried bout going home,
Or happy about it.
Either way,
I'd appreciate prayer.

Day Light Savings

Yeah for an extra hour of sleep!!!

28 October 2006

Dead or Alive?

THe Autumn Ball was tonight,
And I didn't take a date.
So I just stole everyone else's.
The entire class of 2009 wants to kill me now.
Half becasue I stole their dates,
The other half because they're jealous of the swing I taught their dates.

BTW, This is all extremely exagerated.

26 October 2006

Re: The Weather

All yesterday,
My instructors were talking about this massive blizzard that was supposed to hit last night.
I looked at the radar and saw it.
It didn't look to big to me.
When walking back to my room last night,
It felt really nice.
There were a few clouds in the sky and the temp was about 50 ish.
Minor detail...
But the view of storm I got included the surrounding states too.
No wonder it didn’t look big.
That thing was massive.
I already knew that we had an optional breakfast,
And I was tired from the days workout,
So I decided to sleep in until 0630.
Then My roommate got up and check his E-Mail.
Classes were delayed two hours until 0900.
I get to sleep to 0830.
Then he got up and check again.
School is canceled for the day.
So I just now got out of bed.
It feels nice to actually give my body the sleep it needs.

Edit 1239 26-OCT-2006
Texas Jones and the Trek to Mitchell Hall
(Insert Indiana Jones Theme Music here)
So I got all bundled up to go to lunch.
I had to wear three layers with my Camo.
No Texan should ever have to do that.

I walked out on the Terrazo,
And nearly got run over by the snow plow driver.
Those guy move fast too.
He didn’t honk or anything.I don’t know if he didn’t see me,
Or didn’t care.
The only reason I knew he was coming was cause another cadet warned me.
So I dived into the massive mound he had plowed earlier and struggle to get out to avoid his buddy in the other plow.

I started walking the well beaten and plowed path the Mitchell Hall,
When I noticed some other cadets sledding on Spirit Hill.
I decided that since I was already outside,
I might as well go sled too.
So I got of the well beaten and plowed path the Mitchell Hall and started trekking to Spirit Hill.
The snow was a lot deeper than I thought.
It went up to my knees!

After that I waded thought the rest of the snow drifts and battled the 40+ mph wind to get to Mitch’s,
Only to find it was more perilous inside Mitchell Hall than out side.
The floor was all wet for cadets going in and out all day,
And all that 40+ mph wind was getting accelerated through the couple of doors that were open.
Needless to say,
That was exciting.

After partaking of my meal of hamsters and salad,
I endeavored to procure a box of apple cider and hot chocolate to take back to my squadron.
On the way out,
I met a few of my friends from Swing Club.
We discussed the probability of meeting tonight since it is indeed Thursday.
I laid to rest their fears,
Assuring them that even if Gus didn’t come with music I would bring my collection.
(All 8 songs)

This time,
The wind was in my face,
So the trip back was a little longer.

All in all,
I made it back in one piece,
Having made it back with the rare artifact of an entire box of hot chocolate and apple cider.
The End

23 October 2006

THe Weather

The weather is absolutly gorgeous today.
I was walking back from class,
and looked up at the sky,
There isn't a single cloud up there.
And the sky is that really deep blue that reminds me just how high up I am.
On top of all that,
we've finally gotten above 40.
It's beautiful outside.

22 October 2006


I was just out in the hall way,
And this guy walks by with two, twelve pack Mountain Dew boxes on as shoes.
I looked at him for a minute,
and ask "Why?"
His response...
"Why not?"
And he kept walking.

I convinced...
THis place does things to you.

20 October 2006

Fun with Subs.

We had a substitute tinstructor for math today.
That was fun.
He brought music to play while we cruched problems.
Then we showed him something different that we do.
We use the Bat Man symbol for a lot of our variables.
That was funny.
Even better was watching him try to draw it.

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19 October 2006

Back In The Swing Of Things

Swing Club is back.
We got a call from the Vice Dean authorizing us meet again at our normal times.
And the Swing Kids came out in full force.
Tonight was the most people we've had in a long time.

17 October 2006


I left from lunch to go to Swim Class.
It was slightly chilly out.
After class I helped a classmate who wasn't too comfortable in the water.
ran on the treadmill cause I knew it was cold out.
Then I did more workout.
When I left the gym aroung 6,
There was 3+inches of snow on the ground.
And it was still snowing.

09 October 2006

OCF Fall Retreat

That was fun.
Got to kick back and do next to nothing for the weekend.
I also got to play on the swings and build fires.
Fun stuff.
The food was good too.

We learned about resolving conflict.
A very interesting topic.
I see how this will be helpful on an interpersonal level,
And even in small groups,
But it’d be interesting to see how applying this stuff on an international level would affect world politics.

It seems that most of swing club is in OCF.
And most of OCF is in Swing Club.
So we spent Sunday Evening Swinging.
That was interesting.
Especially when we got the officers out there.
There was one girl curled up in a chair reading and watching.
She wouldn’t come out and dance,
So I grabbed another guy,
And we grabbed her chair,
And danced with her in the chair.
That was really funny.

North Korea

They did it.
Apparently that hissy fit they threw earlier this summer didn’t get them the attention they wanted.

I’ve been wondering if they’d try something else to get attention.
Looks like their stepping it up a bit.
Good thing their Taepo Dong II Missiles have lousy range, guidance, and reliability.
I doubt we’ll have to worry about them here in the CONUS (Continental United States),
And Kim Jong Il isn’t stupid enough to use them on our bases that are in range.
That wouldn’t accomplish anything.
The only thing I’m worried about is that his nukes might have a price tag.
In which case,
We all know who the prime customers would be.
I’m still trying to figure out why the UN didn’t do anything when NK kicked them out of the Nuclear power plants in the northern Korean peninsula.

I always wondered why nuclear testing was such a big deal back during the Cold War.
I think I know now.

I just found out that it was an extremely small explosion for a nuke.
It may have just been a few hundred pounds of explosives.
We don't know yet.
This still puts us in an interesting political situation.

06 October 2006

Standing In The Way


I hope I have this within me.
I hope that I never get tested,
But I hope I would do it if I was in that situation.

05 October 2006

Noon Meal Formation

We had a fly over today.
Sweet stuff.
A four ship formation of F-16s.
Didn’t seem like anything to terribly special,
But still very cool.
We saw them coming,
They seemed a little lower than normal.
I think they kicked in their afterburners just before they went over us,
Cause they weren’t going very fast,
But they were really loud.
They flew lower than I’ve ever seen before.
And after they passed,
It still kept getting louder.
To the point were the ground was shaking.
That was sweet.

03 October 2006

So North Korea wants Nukes...


So North Korea wants nukes...
I say we go ahead and give them one.

Recognition Last Year

I found this buried on the network.
This was in my squdron last year.
Good times.

Yeah, It was worth it.

Navy Week

We play Navy this week.
Should be fun.
Needless to say,
My 4*’s have already begun by taking all of our Squiddie’s clothes.
They’ve been wearing his uniforms to class.
He’s been stuck in running shorts and his Marine T-Shirt.
I saw another in Civies.
Another was wearing the issued pajamas.
(Wearing pajamas to class at a military school?)

It could have been worse though.
On the way to mandatory breakfast,
I saw one squidie duct taped to a lamp post.
There was a sign that said,
“I don’t want to go back to Navy,
So I taped my self to this pole.”
I heard he had been out there all night too.

Wear a Skirt Tuesday

The girls here have decided that since we already have High Five Friday.
We will also have Wear a Skirt Tuesday.
This gives them an opportunity to actually wear the optional skirt instead of the pants.
They chose Tuesday because it’s the only day we don’t march to lunch.

When I was going to class from lunch,
One of them asked me,
“So where’s yours?”
I didn’t miss a beat.
“Mine didn’t fit this morning, I put on a few pounds over the summer.”
“It happens to all of us. I’ll keep an I out for one for you.”
"Thanks, I’d appreciate that.”