26 October 2006

Re: The Weather

All yesterday,
My instructors were talking about this massive blizzard that was supposed to hit last night.
I looked at the radar and saw it.
It didn't look to big to me.
When walking back to my room last night,
It felt really nice.
There were a few clouds in the sky and the temp was about 50 ish.
Minor detail...
But the view of storm I got included the surrounding states too.
No wonder it didn’t look big.
That thing was massive.
I already knew that we had an optional breakfast,
And I was tired from the days workout,
So I decided to sleep in until 0630.
Then My roommate got up and check his E-Mail.
Classes were delayed two hours until 0900.
I get to sleep to 0830.
Then he got up and check again.
School is canceled for the day.
So I just now got out of bed.
It feels nice to actually give my body the sleep it needs.

Edit 1239 26-OCT-2006
Texas Jones and the Trek to Mitchell Hall
(Insert Indiana Jones Theme Music here)
So I got all bundled up to go to lunch.
I had to wear three layers with my Camo.
No Texan should ever have to do that.

I walked out on the Terrazo,
And nearly got run over by the snow plow driver.
Those guy move fast too.
He didn’t honk or anything.I don’t know if he didn’t see me,
Or didn’t care.
The only reason I knew he was coming was cause another cadet warned me.
So I dived into the massive mound he had plowed earlier and struggle to get out to avoid his buddy in the other plow.

I started walking the well beaten and plowed path the Mitchell Hall,
When I noticed some other cadets sledding on Spirit Hill.
I decided that since I was already outside,
I might as well go sled too.
So I got of the well beaten and plowed path the Mitchell Hall and started trekking to Spirit Hill.
The snow was a lot deeper than I thought.
It went up to my knees!

After that I waded thought the rest of the snow drifts and battled the 40+ mph wind to get to Mitch’s,
Only to find it was more perilous inside Mitchell Hall than out side.
The floor was all wet for cadets going in and out all day,
And all that 40+ mph wind was getting accelerated through the couple of doors that were open.
Needless to say,
That was exciting.

After partaking of my meal of hamsters and salad,
I endeavored to procure a box of apple cider and hot chocolate to take back to my squadron.
On the way out,
I met a few of my friends from Swing Club.
We discussed the probability of meeting tonight since it is indeed Thursday.
I laid to rest their fears,
Assuring them that even if Gus didn’t come with music I would bring my collection.
(All 8 songs)

This time,
The wind was in my face,
So the trip back was a little longer.

All in all,
I made it back in one piece,
Having made it back with the rare artifact of an entire box of hot chocolate and apple cider.
The End


untamed said...

wow. I am so jealous. :)

DAWEED said...

I soo wish, I love the snow.
Hey do you need more music?

Palm boy said...

Awsome. That same storm system will probably rain out the World Series tonight.

The snow came up to your kneesm just from one storm? Thats a storm worthy of legend.

That would be a sad way to go.
Jason Koller, 19 died thursday morning, run over by a renegade snow plow. He is mourned by friends and family.

What did you sled with?

And where did yu get hot water for the cider?

Tabitha said...

uugghhhh!!! no fair! lol I haven't seen a decent snow in at least 2 years, and you know we don't get them like that in Texas...

Anonymous said...

you should invest in a good pair of snow shoes or skis, either way you win.

Anonymous said...

You need a new title for this...

Texas Swinging Cadet conquers hugh snow drifts and high winds, that paralized USAFA, to bring back Hot Chocalate and Apple Cider for Tiger Sqaudron!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Don't be.
We get our share of below 0 weeks withoutany percipitation to make up for it.

What do you mean more music?

Palm Boy:
It was actually up to my waist in some spots.
Yes, That would be a bad way to go.
We have hot pots and the tap and showers runs hot.

Yeah, It's not fair,
Cauese I couldn't get to the gym.

I do need to get e set of skies.

Why do I get the feeling that this is my dad?

Tabitha said...


TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

no sprecken espanol

Anonymous said...

"Itha" is not a spanish word, at least not in any spanish dictionary I've every read.

So...Tabitha why in the world did you post the last four letters of your name?

Tabitha said...

because he only posted the first 3