09 October 2006

OCF Fall Retreat

That was fun.
Got to kick back and do next to nothing for the weekend.
I also got to play on the swings and build fires.
Fun stuff.
The food was good too.

We learned about resolving conflict.
A very interesting topic.
I see how this will be helpful on an interpersonal level,
And even in small groups,
But it’d be interesting to see how applying this stuff on an international level would affect world politics.

It seems that most of swing club is in OCF.
And most of OCF is in Swing Club.
So we spent Sunday Evening Swinging.
That was interesting.
Especially when we got the officers out there.
There was one girl curled up in a chair reading and watching.
She wouldn’t come out and dance,
So I grabbed another guy,
And we grabbed her chair,
And danced with her in the chair.
That was really funny.

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