30 June 2006

Waking up the Basics.

They woke up the basics this morning,
At 0400 like they did when I was a Basic.

Minor detail,
But they woke me up too.

The played Revile like normal,
And than the played the song Welcome to the Jungle.

I'm on the sixth floor,
And I still heard the music and the banging on doors down on the first floor.

29 June 2006

The New Basics

The class of 2010 is here.
And the Cadre have been getting ready.
They woke me up one morning practicing their speeches.
I was on the top bunk so I hit my head and nearly fell.
I’m still a little jumpy about all that.
Just like Revile.

I watched a few of the pour off the buses during my break between classes.
I recall it being louder and more intense than that.
Instead of saying I had it harder,
I’m just going to assume that the adrenaline rush makes a big difference

And I got greeted today.
That felt really odd.
After years of greeting Upperclassmen with “Good afternoon sir, Fighting Bulldawgs!”
I got a “Good evening sir, Aggressors lead the way.”

Yeah, that was weird.
I’m no longer the bottom of the food chain.
I think I’m going to like this,
But it’ll take some getting used too.

25 June 2006

Back at USAFA

I'm back in CO.
That was rather crazy.

We decided to use the bus this time cause it was cheaper.
And they over booked the bus.
So they wouldn't let me on.

So We jump in the car and head for the next stop on the buss's route,
Two hours away.
So we're bopking it down the highway,
and go figure,
We have a blowout.
So we put the spare on and continue.

We had to go slower now,
But we had made up enough distance that we would have made it,
If not for the second blow out.

Someone offers space for one,
So dad takes the first tire that only had a hole in it to get it replaced.
I wait with my three younger brothers.
Borrowing cellphones as people pass,
I manage to coordinate a ride for someone to come pick us up.
They get there and drive my siblings and I into town to get dad.
As we pull into the WalMart,
My dad notices that our ride had a flat tire.

So after we get all that fixed,
We go back and put the new tire on the car.
And dad takes me to the bus station.

So I get the next bus and they get me on.
And here I am.
Three flats and an 18 hour bus ride later,
I'm back at USAFA
(Can't you just feel the sarcasm? lol)

19 June 2006

Change of Plans

It's true.
I am back in Texas.

I talked to the right people and got the right papers signed,
And in about two hours I had permission to leave.
Fortunatly I hadn't unpacked much since getting to my new room.
So I got out of there fast.
I planned on updateing when I got home,
(Go figure)
The home computer crashed the moment I got on.
And there is no way my laptop is touching a non government network.

So I'm at the library now,
Been helping at AWANA Scholarship camp for the past week.
Some freinds put together a swing party for tonight.
And I'm trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the week.
I go back on Fri.

More later.

06 June 2006

The Verdict Is In

I got retainment without leave.
In english...
I get to stay,
But no summer break.

Bummer, yeah.
But I get two summer classes.
And word is the lowest grades heard of during summer was B-.
That means my GPA will significantly improve by next Semester.

Sorry to everyone I had plan with.
Keep me in mind for Thanksgiving break.

Thanks for all the prayer.

04 June 2006


I have an interview on Tuesday at 3:15pm.
The results will decide wether I stay or come home.
I'm hoping it'll be both.
I'd like to come home for a little,
Than come back here.
But if I have too,
I'd rather stay here.
Please be praying.

02 June 2006

Fire Alarm

The fire alarms went off last night.
That was fun.
Everyone is supposed to bring a blanket.
Some guy brought a wig, suglasses, and his guitar as well.
So well gathered around and sang campfire songs.
That was a lot of fun.
And then the voice came over the speakers giving the "All Clear".
Everyone groned and went back inside.
That was actually a lot of fun.

01 June 2006


Yesterday was graduation.
Everybody moves up one level.
I am now a Three Degree.
Fun stuff.

The Thunderbirds were cool.
Got to watch them preform.