31 July 2006


Got tired of studying and I found these on the network.
Thought y'all might get a kick out of them.

The USAFA Swing Club Group Photo

The USAFA Swing Club in Action
(We have a tendency to spread out a lot,
All those aerials will do that.)

Most of the core group

I take this stuff way too seriously

The Cadet Jazz Band did some live performance at the Cadet Jamboree.
Yeah, We rocked out.

New Freshman

Many of you said you knew people coming into the class of 2010.
EMail me their names and what kind of candy they like.
(And a note too if you'd like)
I'll do what I can to get it to them.

One Team

On the football field,
The USAFA Falcons will whoop up on all the other services.
History has shown that we have taken the Commander in Chief's Trophy more than twice as many times as Army or Navy.

But on the battle field,
We are one team.
A freind of mine posted a really good article and I thought y'all might like to read it.
Here it is.

Yet Another Day In Chemistry

Instructor: "We'll be using the IUPAC System to name organic compounds in this course."
Random Student: "What's IUPAC?"
Instructor: "IUPAC stands for International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. All the contries got together and agreed on this system."
Another Student: "They got France to agree to something?"
Instructor: "Yeha, I guess someone beat them into submission."
Yet Another Student: "The Germans?"

As horrible as that is,
It's hysterical.

30 July 2006


Instructor: "I have a pine cone here. What is this pinecone made of?"
Random Student: "Historians maintain that it was discovered by Norweign scientists in 1836. It was used by..."
Instructor: Ok, I'm gonna stop you there. Not only was that information wrong, it also didn't answer my question."
A Colonel who was walking down the hall stuck his head in and said,
"That sounds like a polititians answer."
And disapeared.
Eventually the instructor got the answer he was looking for.
(Carbon and chemical structures.)
Other Student: "But sir, people perfer the polititians answer."

That is the sad truth

23 July 2006

This Weekend

Well this weekend was fun.
My roomate and I have been freinds since Boy Scouts,
So I went with him to his sponsor family's house.
They picked us up and we went up to the mountains for a picnic.
That was fun.

Played LEGOs with the boys afterwards.
They think that because I can build two or three cool models they can give me a handful of peices and I'll create some masterpeice.
I'm not that good.

I hit it off with their daughter really well.
Her name is Abbey.
She's really cute.
I'm deffinatly going back with my roomate next weekend.
Here's her picture from yesterday at the park.

22 July 2006

Chemistry Test

That went well.
I'm gone for the weekend.


12 July 2006

1 = 2

a = b
a^2 = ab
a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2
(a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b)
(a+b) = b
2b = b
2 = 1

Prove me wrong

07 July 2006

How much...

Energy is contained in a Pixy Stick?
Find out

06 July 2006

A Classmate Sent Me This

A quick and easy fix,
This doesn't make for the best politics.

04 July 2006

4th of July

I went to a BBQ that the Basic Cadre were doing while their Basics were in a breifing.
Then I went down to watch the fireworks on base.

Afterwards I went with some freinds to watch the basics file back to their rooms.
Some of the cadets were throwing candy to them as they walked below us.
It was rather amusing.
One cadet was throwing cheesburgers.
That was particularly entertaining.

03 July 2006

I'm feeling old

Psalm 90:10
The legnth of our days is seventy years;
Or eighty, if we have the stregnth;

How depressing...
That means I'm one fourth the way over.

On a lighter note...
So there's not a lighter note.
But I thought that was funny,
So I had to share it.