14 February 2007

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Today is Valentine's Day.
I knew it was coming,
But I guess it snuck up on me.
Since I haven't come up with anything new worth posting,
And I did get alot of positive feedback on last years post,
Here it is again.

My roommate watch a movie called notebook over the weekend.
I only caught part of it sense I was doing schoolwork.
The basic plot it as follows.
An elderly couple is in a nursing home.
The wife has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember the husband.
He could go and live a normal live and she would never know the difference.
Instead he lives there with her.
Every day he reads her their story,
About how the met and fell in love.
In the evening she remembers and comes back to him.

That’s not really the point though.
My roommate commented on the change of appearance between the early years and when they were in the nursing home.
He mentioned how attractive she was when she was in her twenties,
But as in her seventies in a nursing home she wasn’t appealing.
I replied that it’ll happen to all of us.
He said something along the lines of yeah too bad.

The following is purely my own opinion.
Our society focuses too much on the external.
That which is unimportant and fades away.
We will all grow old and die,
And it will not be pretty.
It is character we must focus on.
The inside that makes us what we are.
This is why we should be attracted to another person.
Not because of their physical characteristics.

I read in a book a while back (I don’t remember the book) something similar.
When looking at someone of the opposite gender,
Don’t think of the outside, think of the inside.
Would you be willing to live with that person 50 years later?
Would you be willing to grow old and die with that person?
When all physical attractiveness is gone?
Would you be willing to feed that person when they become unable to do it for themselves?
Would you be willing to listen to the same story over and over again when the have no short term memory?

We should not be as concerned with how the person looks as much as we are how the person acts.
This is the true person.
Their character,
Not their body,
Is what counts.

12 February 2007


Doc: So how are you?
Me: Still breathing.
Doc: Don't over commit now.
Me: My dad always said, "Under commit, and over deliver"
I've got a heartbeat too. So there's the over delivery.

05 February 2007

04 February 2007

Superbowl 2007

That was fun.

I got to make the food during the 1st and 2nd quarters,
Slept through the 3rd quarter,
and played a new game during the 4th quarter.

I really get into football,
Can't you tell?

It wasn't worth watching,
The Falcons weren't playing.

01 February 2007


I've been learning some interesting things in my Engineering class.
The main purpose of the class is learning how to plan an airbase.
We're in the environmental block right now,
So it can get boring sometimes.

To help with that,
The instructor has a Video Card Policy.
One table gets the video card,
and at any time during the class they can hold up the card,
And the instructor will stop in mid sentence and play a video.
Only one video per class though.
He had six videos that went with the class material.
So we didn't get a Video Card.
So I made my own card.
We held it up half way through class,
And he just looked at us.
"A Nap Card?!?!"
Needless to say,
That was most entertaining.

We learned the aircraft and trees don't mix well.
Apparently there are regulations that require a certain distance to height ratio in relationship to the runway.
Most of the time,
This isn't a problem.
But at McChord AFB,
There are a million plus trees that are too high.
And on top of that...
There are hippies that won't let us cut them down.
I have a solution for that.
It'll get rid of the trees and the hippies.

Note To Self

Don't use minty toothpaste when it's eight below zero outside.