01 February 2007


I've been learning some interesting things in my Engineering class.
The main purpose of the class is learning how to plan an airbase.
We're in the environmental block right now,
So it can get boring sometimes.

To help with that,
The instructor has a Video Card Policy.
One table gets the video card,
and at any time during the class they can hold up the card,
And the instructor will stop in mid sentence and play a video.
Only one video per class though.
He had six videos that went with the class material.
So we didn't get a Video Card.
So I made my own card.
We held it up half way through class,
And he just looked at us.
"A Nap Card?!?!"
Needless to say,
That was most entertaining.

We learned the aircraft and trees don't mix well.
Apparently there are regulations that require a certain distance to height ratio in relationship to the runway.
Most of the time,
This isn't a problem.
But at McChord AFB,
There are a million plus trees that are too high.
And on top of that...
There are hippies that won't let us cut them down.
I have a solution for that.
It'll get rid of the trees and the hippies.


KollerClan said...

Hey Man leave us Hippies alone - Dad

Palm boy said...

What is up with you airforce people and fire? I was talking with a retired B-52 guy last night, and he said the easiest way to solve the border problem was the line the borders with motion detecting flame throwers...

I would like a nap card in some of my classes to.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Do remember who your talking too here...

Palm boy said...

Aye, but I thought that the obession with flaming objects was restricted to you, not the entire Air force.

Joy said...

dude, if thats what yall do to hippies, man I'd rather join the Army!

Wow, yah know PB, thats not too bad of an idea...

~*Joyzey*~ said...
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untamed said...

Napalm? You guys really do have a solution to everything! :p