18 December 2008

06 December 2008

A Change We Did Not Foresee

So here's a thought,
The Supreme Court is looking into whether or not President Elect Barak Obama is actually eligible to be President.
There is some question as to whether or not he is a natural born citizen as required by the constitution,
Or a naturalized citizen,WHich would make him ineligible.

What I want to know is,
If they find him ineligible,
What happens?
Assuming Congress doesn't amend the Constitution on the spot allowing him to continue on,
What happens?
If he was assassinated,
Biden would take his spot,
But the election wouldn't have been valid,
So would Biden be the valid Vice President Elect?
Since McCain was the runner up,
As opposed to Libertarian Bob Barr,
Would he get it by default?
Since the Democratic party did win,
Would it go to their runner up?
Senator Clinton?

03 December 2008

AS 300 Final

Maybe I'm the slow guy,
That never noticed this before.
But we're in the AS 300 class.
I defiantly did not make the connection before.

I wonder,
Is Capt Cook gonna kick me into the pit of death for posting these?
They don't "own" me,
As the Colonel is so fond of saying,

Take one for the team and all that...

Lesson 1: Intro to leadership
Lesson 2: Air Force Leadership
Lesson 3: The Profession of Arms
Lesson 5: Assessing Leaders
Lesson 6: Managing Stress
Lesson 7: Sexual Assault Prevention
Lesson 8: Critical Thinking
Lesson 10: Writing Strategies
Lesson 11: The Basics of Briefing

Lesson 12: Team Building
Lesson 13: Problem Solving
Lesson 15: Followership
Lesson 16: Motivation
Lesson 17: Situational Leadership
Lesson 18: Change Management
Lesson 19 Management Function
Lesson 20: Editing Your Draft
Lesson 21: Conflict Management

Midterm Study Guide

I might put up a study guide,
I don't know yet.
I don't think it would be worth the effort.
We'll see.
If someone else beats me too it,
Let me know and I'll host it on my server at Google

Because I Am That Complicated...

6 In 1 Utility Key
I Void Warenties

Network Security Staff

"Stand Back (Science)"
And "Compiling"

From the xkcd Store

And mom,
My neck size is between 15 1/2 and 16.
Depending on the manufacturer.
Not 18.
It was a nice shirt,
Just way too big.
And no,
I am not hard to shop for.
When in doubt.

Laptops are sooo 1990s

Introducing the latest in mobile computing.