09 October 2006

North Korea

They did it.
Apparently that hissy fit they threw earlier this summer didn’t get them the attention they wanted.

I’ve been wondering if they’d try something else to get attention.
Looks like their stepping it up a bit.
Good thing their Taepo Dong II Missiles have lousy range, guidance, and reliability.
I doubt we’ll have to worry about them here in the CONUS (Continental United States),
And Kim Jong Il isn’t stupid enough to use them on our bases that are in range.
That wouldn’t accomplish anything.
The only thing I’m worried about is that his nukes might have a price tag.
In which case,
We all know who the prime customers would be.
I’m still trying to figure out why the UN didn’t do anything when NK kicked them out of the Nuclear power plants in the northern Korean peninsula.

I always wondered why nuclear testing was such a big deal back during the Cold War.
I think I know now.

I just found out that it was an extremely small explosion for a nuke.
It may have just been a few hundred pounds of explosives.
We don't know yet.
This still puts us in an interesting political situation.


Palm boy said...

I don't think it was a nuke. Not Strong enough.

Good points none the less.

Hoss (A.K.A. "J.J.") said...

I don't think that the combined I.Q of all the U.N. leaders would total more than a pile of elephant diarrhea.