28 October 2006

Dead or Alive?

THe Autumn Ball was tonight,
And I didn't take a date.
So I just stole everyone else's.
The entire class of 2009 wants to kill me now.
Half becasue I stole their dates,
The other half because they're jealous of the swing I taught their dates.

BTW, This is all extremely exagerated.


Anonymous said...

The reason the term "Stud Muffin" is used because if you do what you did they pound you into a muffin, Stud!

P.S. No fear dude dates, next year your swinging dates will teach you how to swing.

Glad you had a good time and were a gentle men to boot, lol!

Palm boy said...


Sounds like you had fun.

мαdd said...

My mentor, the stud.

I think I have about 8 stud-mentors now.
Good times..

Anonymous said...

trying on shoes, eh?


"It’s not like shoe shopping.
You can’t try on five (or 25 for some of you) shoes
And decide which one feels better."