01 November 2006

The Affects of Day Light Savings

I defiantly like the sun out earlier.
It's a lot nicer walking to breakfast with the sunrise
As opposed to the sky just starting to get light.

As I came out of breakfast,
I noticed that the sun couldn't be seen because of the fog that covered the plains,
But I could see the shadow of the horizon slowly creeping down the mountains as the sun began to rise.
The light hasn't hit the Cadet Area yet,
But you can see it coming.
It looks beautiful.


~*Joyzey*~ said...


TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Minor detail,
My digital camera grew legs.

мαdd said...

Crudness. I suppose it runs fast too, eh?

See, God can make anything, even dark, foggy mornings-beautiful.
He's just cool like that.