07 November 2006


I just got out of my psych class.
Apparently the instructor had worked on some sleep study in the DOD before coming here to teach.
It has long since been believed that because of their workload,
Submariners got the least sleep for the most extended periods of time in the entire military.
He says that is not the case.
It is in fact the Cadet Wing that gets the least amount of sleep for extended periods of time.
This is coming from several respected sleep researchers.

And this new schedule of calls isn't helping.
They told us that they were implementing the new schedule of calls to get us more sleep.

I can see how pushing taps back a half hour and making reveille a half our earlier equals more sleep.
(That was sarcasm)


Palm boy said...

Dang. You loose an hour?

Chris (Jason's summer roomie) said...

yeah, all of us lost an hour when the new schedule of calls was implemented. It's just one of those things the commandant likes to do to us to see if we are up to the task I guess. It feels like it should be the middle of the spring semester already, and instead it is only the start of the end of the fall semester. *sleep deprived as well*

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...