18 November 2006


I went with a freind for dinner and a movie last night.
We went to see Cars.
(They occasionally show movies here at Arnold Hall)
It was a good movie.
There were a lot of 4*'s watching it with us.
(Since they have absolutely nothing better to do)
But I will admit,
It was entertaining at times.
Particularly they’re reaction when Sgt Jeep was raising the flag and playing reveille.
There was much moaning and groaning.
And a few of them went into spasms.
(just kidding)
And then it happened a second time.
I’ve gotten over the whole reveille trauma thing,
But they haven’t.
You could literally feel the tension rising during those to scenes.
That was interesting.

I also thought the “tractor tipping” part was funny.


Palm boy said...

"Respect the classics maaan."

~*Joyzey*~ said...

good movie

untamed said...

hmm.. havn't seen it yet. Just got it though. Hmm... Jason, I have a question. Do you know a guy by the name of brandon? His nick names are whitey, superman, clark kent, clark, etc. I was just wondering because he's my best friend's brother. Anyway, just thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...