03 December 2005


We got at least a foot of snow last night.
I went to bed and there was nothing on the ground.
I woke up and there was six inches.
And it kept snowing all day.
That is me.


The Koller's from Texas said...

Oh by the way it is snowing down here in Texas.

You made Mom's day

At first we did not know what that was - we thought it was just a star

Very nice ;-)

Mom wants a picture of this to make a poster

We love you Jason

Mom, Dad and the gang

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That's why I did it.
While I was making it.
Someone came and asked me what I was doing.
I think he thought I was crazy.
After he saw what it was,
He asked if he could use it.

Palm boy said...


Loneleness: The ineffective act of communicating when no one else is around"


It snowed here to! A whole .5in!!!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

What's that supposed to mean.

Palm boy said...

Exactly what it says. No more, no less.