11 December 2005



Redwalldebater said...

Ok, Jason, there is a really freaky thing that happened tonight. It was the youth christmas party and my friend Caitlyn said that her friend was at the USAFA. Name, Christopher Ferguson, not sure on the spelling, Freshman, and I'm not sure of the squadron, but we were so freaked because the guy says he knows "a Koller" but he's not sure who it is or if you are "a Koller" so if you know him, or if you could get me your squadron name/number that would be awesome *grin* this is freaky to me... LoL

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That's odd,
I don't know "Ferguson"
I looked him up and he lives down the hall from a freind of mine.
I do know a few people in that sqaudron.

I'm in Squadron 13
"Fighting Bulldogs"