22 December 2005

Service Academy Ball

The Ball went better than I expected.
I had no idea what to expect.
I’ve never been to a military ball that was optional.
Or one that’s been mixed with upperclassmen.
I was looking for a buddy of mine when some girl walked up to me and asked me to dance with her cousin.
It turns out that they were there with a West Point Army Cadet.
He had brought his sister and two cousins.
So that family had three girls and only one guy to dance with.
So I got adopted for the evening.
After they left,
I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in several years.
She was there with I family I knew who had a cadet at West Point.
She asked me to teach her swing,
The music didn’t exactly go with swing,
So I took her outside the ballroom and showed her a little.
The family she had come with came out and saw us,
So I wound up teaching a couple of them too.
Then my parents walked out.
They didn’t know I could dance so they just stood there and stared for a while.

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