14 May 2006

Mothers Day

Once again,
It is that special time of year.
The time that we set aside specifically to make our mothers feel like the important and wonderful people they truly are.
So Happy Mothers Day to any moms that might be reading this.
(And kids, make sure you give your mom a big hug and tell her how much she means too you)

Mothers are very important parts of our lives.
They have a huge influence on who we become.
If you are in any way successful in any area of your life,
Odds are there is a special mom that helped influence and teach that person.

Yes that was a direct reference to my mommy.
I would be no where near half the person I am today if it wasn’t for my mommy.
She’s the only reason I ever had a chance at getting as far as I have in life.

Granted, my dad was very influential as well,
But just because of the way families work,
He wasn’t there all day like mom,
He had to make sure we could eat too.

My mommy was always there for me 24/7.
Whether I needed encouragement that I was indeed capable of whatever challenge was in front of me,
Or needed a direction check because I had lost track of my goals and purpose,
She was always there.

One of the most important things my mommy did for me was teach me right from wrong.
Since she was there 24/7 she was able to do that.
As I was growing up,
I got instant feedback on my actions from my mother.
I very quickly learned that it was wrong to say something that wasn’t true, take something that wasn’t mine, or put keys in the electrical outlet.
My mommy helped me develop my morals, ethics, and common sense.
All of which I’ve used and needed to survive.

I could go on forever about how much my mommy means to me,
But I think it would mean more to here if I studied for my finals.
So I will close with this.

Mothers are very possibly the most influential people in our lives.
If you’re my mommy, Happy Mothers Day and thank you for making my the person that I am today.
(I could go on forever on that, but I’m trying to be brief)
If you’re somebody else’s mother, Happy Mothers day and thank you for doing your part to make the world that much of a better place.
If you’re not a mother, Go give your mom a hug,
Tell her Happy Mothers Day,
And how much she means to you.

My mom doesn’t know about this,
And I told her not to read this until next week.
When she does read this…

i LuV U MOmmY


Carey said...

That is so sweet! Your mom is really blessed!

Palm boy said...


You really want me to call her?

мαdd said...

Rofl, Jason. Your mum must be amazing, and you're like, the perfect child. Wow. Happy Mother's Day to you all!

I got my mum some diet stuff (Chips, soda, etc.), and drew her a crappy picture of a mother hen with her chicks all around her, with "Motherhood" and "Love is patient, love is kind" at the top. Aww. x3

All my loves to all the already-been, to-be and would-be moms out there.