21 May 2006

Eagles Peak

I went hiking with a freind of mine this afternoon.
We had been in scouts together back home,
and hadn't gotten much time to just hang out.
We went up to Eagle's Peak,
It's been a while since I've been up there.

After we got to the top,
We were just chilling out,
We were faceing west,
Because we see enough of the Academy.
So we we watching the forest.

We got to talking,
about nothing in particular,
When I noticed smoke.
After watching it for a few minutes,
We decided that it was growing too fast to be a controled fire.

Niether of us had phones,
So we had to get down the mountain to report it.
We decided the trail would take to long,
So we made a straight line down the mountain.
That hurt.
We've both got some really bad scrapes.
I think I have minor sprains in both my ankles.

In the end,
We finally made it to the nearest place with a phone,
The security check point.
We told them,
But they already knew.
So we had blazed our own trail and got cut up really good for nothing.

That's ok though,
I'm glad they found out before we got down.
And it was some what fun.
Even if I'll be hurting for a while.


мαdd said...

Sounds fun. If you like injuring yourself and hiking. Which I do.
What was on fire though?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I assume it was all the dry wood on the forest floor.

Carey said...

Poor Jason.

Katy, I hurt myself all the time, but especially hiking. Reminds me of a good hiking story... lol...

At the age of fourteen, I went on a weekend retreat with a homeschool choir. When we weren't practicing, we had free time to roam around. Most of the other girls stayed inside the cabins and chatted or knitted (yeah, knitted). Yours truly, of course, headed for the outdoors. The area happened to be wooded and hilly -- perfect for moi. Two other girls tagged along and though I had no clue where I was going, led them down a muddy, 50 degree wooded slope (that ended in a swollen river). I slid most of the way, hitting tree trunks and rocks as I came down. Scared those poor girls. I had a blast... lol. When we finally emerged, the other girls quickly changed their clothes, but I decided to go to the next rehearsal still covered in mud... and with a big bloody gash on my forehead from running into a low tree branch. The chofer mothers (proper and lady-like as they were) were utterly horrified when I walked in, looking like I had just come from battle.

"Carey!" one mother gasped. "What would your mother say?!"

"Nothing. She'd just laugh."

So I remained bloody and muddy the rest of the day just for the fun of seeing people's reactions. The boys thought I was really cool.

Redwalldebater said...

Not bad Jason, not bad at all!
Reminds me of will getting his toe broke at a boyscout camp... you know when that eagle scout threw the boulder down the mountain at him?

~*Joyzey*~ said...

You got hirt, but you were doing the right thing.

Grasshopper said...

My senior year, I was with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and we had hiked up to Eagles Peak, only to get caught in a sudden thunderstorm on the way down. Trying to make our way down quickly and avoid being struck by lightning, I fell and cut my hand pretty good. My wife, who was a lifeguard at the Academy pools, quickly acted as a nurse and bandaged it all up. :-) I ended up with a few stitches, and I still have the scar. Ahh, fond memories.

Palm boy said...

Google earth rocks!

And injuries just build character. At least thats what they told us at Philmont.