16 May 2006

Comp Sci

That went well.
I got at least a 90 on that one.
I wish all my classes were like that.
I guess all what my wonderful mother called "wasted time" on the computer paided off.
(Just kidding, Mom)

Current Score
Dean: 1 Jason: 3


мαdd said...

Congratulations, mate. You're killing him.

Carey said...

Katy, take a second look at that picture.

Palm boy said...

Why does the one on the left have a texas flag? Is the guy from texas?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

General Borne is a one star general.
That's her one star flag behind her.

frazzledsister said...

You look very happy in that picture.

Palm boy said...

What the heck? Thats a she?

Carey said...

Uh, yeah... women in the military aren't there to look pretty.

Carey said...

Then what's my excuse? LOL