22 May 2006

Meet the Tigers

Tonight I went to a BBQ with all the other Three Degree Selects to meet my new squadron.
I didn’t get to talk to many people.
I wound up doing all the cooking at the BBQ.
It was fun once it got going.
The guy who started the charcoal had no idea what he was doing.
After I got the coals going,
I cooked 24 pounds of burgers in less than an hour.
That was a lot of burgers.
They were really good too.


~*Joyzey*~ said...

nice job with the food.
you'll get to meet them soon enough.

Carey said...

Why am I not surprised you ended up cooking? 24 pounds in less than an hour? Quite a record. Burgers sound yummy.

Anonymous said...

What did you season the burgers with?

мαdd said...

24 pounds? In an hour?
You guys eat a lot. xD

Palm boy said...

YOU KILLED A COW!!!!! Like, a full size cow! Thats a lot of burgers

Tabitha said...

How many grills did you have going?