25 May 2006

Cadet Jamboree

We had the cadet jamboree tonight.
one of the things there was a good will sale.
Cadets had donated stuff they didn't want any more.
So there was all sorts of stuff there.
I helped with that for about six hours
I made my way over to where the band was set up.
The Cadet Jazz band was coming up and swing club was going to show off.
On my way over,
I noticed a booth with several animals.
There was a guy with a rather large python wrapped around him.
He let me try it on.

After holding it for a while,
The guy disappeared.
So I wound up holding the snake for two hours until the owner came to put it away.


мαdd said...

That is beyond funny.
Ne'er seen a yellow python before.
You look simply ravishing with that python scarf, dearie.

Redwalldebater said...

Great python, you should keep it. You know, just for fun.

Carey said...

LOL... cute snake. Jer and I got to play with one like that. In fact, we'd probably have a pet one if it weren't for Mom...

мαdd said...

Me too, Carey, Shee, it it weren't for Mom, I'd have three dozen cats, ten bunnies, and at least five snakes.

Palm boy said...

Ya know, thats what the snakes do before they strangle you.