15 May 2006

Geo Political Science

Current Score

Dean: 0 Jason: 2


мαdd said...

You have a huge smile. Excellent picture. My compliments to the photographer and the man portrayed.

Might I ask what the scoreboard is about?

~*Joyzey*~ said...

I think it's how well he did on his test's.

Grasshopper said...

Hehe, it's a cadet (probably college) tradition to keep track of how you do vs the Dean at finals. We had a big whiteboard in the squadron where everyone kept the "squadron" tally after they came back from a final. If you did well, you put a tick under the squadron name, if you did poorly, the Dean got the tick. People kept personal tallies on whiteboards outside their room, too.

Palm boy said...

Yeah! GeoScience test got owned!!