07 May 2006

Other Noon Meal Formations

We've had other odd formations.

Formations start with reporting in.
After the squadrons form up,
The Group Commander gets a report from the Squadron Commanders.

It sounds something like this,
“Bulldogs all good, Sir”
“Thank you, Sir”
And it goes down the line with each squad reporting in.

One day,
It went a little differently.
“Viva la revolution!”
“Thank you, Sir!”
And every squad reported in with a line from a movie or something equally absurd.

The Noon Meal Formation of Recognition was funny.
Normally when we’re playing some other college in football or whatever,
3rd and 4th group will yell,
“Go Air Force”
To which 1st and 2nd group respond
“Beat Army”
Or whoever we’re playing.
Well for Recognition,
Only the upperclassmen yelled,
Cause only they knew what was going on.
But there was no “Go Air Force”
Just a “Beat the SMACKs”
(SMACK is one of those terms of endearment for fourth classmen)


~*Joyzey*~ said...

poor little freshmen...

Carey said...


Redwalldebater said...

I'm going with joyzey... poor freshmen LoL

Nah, I think it's funny all the things you guys do. Keep it up!