11 February 2006

More Pics

These are more the type of pictures I wanted to show.
It's morning,
The trees are frosted,
And the sky is blue.

That last one is Chyenne Mountain.

That's where NORAD is buried.

Every day up here is a postcard day.

You just have to be willing to open your eyes and look for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason

We have been out of pocket and with modem and phone problems.

Write me and email or call us when you get a chance.

Thanks for the pics beautifull


Palm boy said...

A postcard day?
Sounds cool!

Carey said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could go to CO with nothing but a camera and live in the wilderness... haha.

Great pics, Jason.

The Grashopper said...

Gorgeous pics! I loved CO's beauty while I was there. I miss the stillness after a snowfall and the beauty of the snow as it covered the treed and the mountains... Enjoy it while you can, as there aren't that many places the Air Force will send you that look like that...