22 February 2006

Knowlege Bowl

Just got back form a Knowledge Bowl.
It was an away game at Squadron 24.
Earlier this week,
24 painted their squadron patch on a wall in every other squadron.
Needless to say,
We were ticked.
So we went to 24 all pumped and ready to tear them apart.
And we did .
The score was 200 -65, Bulldawgs.
We had several rounds were we got every single question.
That’s how we role.


Palm boy said...

You painted your squadron patch on their wall? Dude...

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

No, they painted theirs on everyone else's.

DAWEED said...

how big is it painted on your wall??
I saw yalls patch on stephanies backpack at sonlight and it is so cool!!

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

it wasn't to big.
about the size of two sheets of printer paper.