23 February 2006

Chem Confusion

We actually confused the instructor today.
One of the cadet’s cell phones started ringing in the back of the classroom.
It was very feint,
So the instructor didn’t hear it.
Just to increase the embarrassment factor of having one’s phone ring in class,
Various people start coughing.
Eventually everyone is in on it.
The instructor was in the middle of working a problem on the board.
So he turns around and asks what’s wrong,
Thoroughly confused.
One of my classmates says,
“Oh, nothing, we all just had an itch in our throats at the same time.”
“No, really, what’s going on?”
He thought he had messed up on the board or something.
“Just some problems with CELLULAR respiration”
Or something like that.
This went on for a while.
It was rather entertaining.


Redwalldebater said...

You guys are either evil, brilliant, or just plain bored in Chemistry... LoL

Palm boy said...

I thought the joke was good.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I think it's a combination team effort

Carey said...

That's hilarious.