08 February 2006

Day 36

There are 36 days until recognition.
In celebration,
the Fourthclassmen of Squadron 36 Stormed Spirit Hill in the middle of Noon meal formation.
Squadron 36 is the Pink Panthers,
so they all dyed their shirts pink.
They were on the other side of the Terrazzo,
So I couldn’t see them very well.
I just saw a blob of pink running to the hill.
At first I thought they where streakers.
A whole squadron of them.
That thought was very disturbing.


Redwalldebater said...

You are in a weird place Jason... I just hope you come back in one piece. I won't say unchanged cause it's to late, but at least you are ok so far LoL

Carey said...

Streakers?? *laugh*

What's recognition? Is it basically the end of the semester?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Yes it is too late.
Of course,
Who would want me back the same anyway?

Recognition is a right of passage.
It's three days of beating.
The 40 day preceeding it are prep for the beatings.
40 days of beating followed by 3 more days of beating.