27 February 2006

Summer Periods

I got my Summer Schedule.
I didn't get Jump.
But that's ok.

I get to come home first period. (03-JUN through 23-JUN)
Take some Classes to get ahead.
And the Space Orientation and Global Engagment.

Sounds like fun.


Palm boy said...

Whats that? Trampoline time?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...


Redwalldebater said...

Oh, cool. That would have been fun. When will you get to do that?

And you're going to do the Spatial Positioning stuff? Fun!

Carey said...

Twenty days? That's it?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Yeah, 20 days.
That's a lot
That's almost three times the amount for spring break.

Palm boy said...

And winter break was rather instubstansial also.

Carey said...

Crud... the mission trip is June 23rd - 30th. Do you have to leave for CO again on the 20th?