09 February 2006

Noon Meal Announcments

We're all sitting down for lunch and eating.
Then some guys from Squadron 16 (Chicken Hawks) and say,
“This is jus a reminder that there are 16 proud Chicken Hawk weeks until graduation.
In honor of this event, We’ve got a song.”
So they play a few songs on their banjos.

Then another guy comes up and says,
I can’t sing or dance,
but if you want to come see us beat Wyoming on Friday,
Come out to see guy’s wrestling.”

Then some girl comes up and says.
“We’ve got a meet Friday night.
So if you’d rather watch girls in spandex instead of guys in spandex,
Come watch girl’s gymnastics.”

All this makes me wonder…
“The real Air Force isn’t like this…


Palm boy said...

Thats.. Disturbing.
Banjos on an air force base??

The Grashopper said...

LoL, that stuff is typical for noon meal stuff (from my experiences). And No, the real AF isn't like that... normally.