13 February 2006

Happy Singles Awareness Day

It makes sense to post this story sense tomorrow is Valentines day,
Traditionally the day when people pair up.

My roommate watch a movie called notebook over the weekend.
I only caught part of it sense I was doing schoolwork.
The basic plot it as follows.
An elderly couple is in a nursing home.
The wife has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember the husband.
He could go and live a normal live and she would never know the difference.
Instead he lives there with her.
Every day he reads her their story,
About how the met and fell in love.
In the evening she remembers and comes back to him.

That’s not really the point though.
My roommate commented on the change of appearance between the early years and when they were in the nursing home.
He mentioned how attractive she was when she was in her twenties,
But as in her seventies in a nursing home she wasn’t appealing.
I replied that it’ll happen to all of us.
He said something along the lines of yeah too bad.

The following is purely my own opinion.
Our society focuses too much on the external.
That which is unimportant and fades away.
We will all grow old and die,
And it will not be pretty.
It is character we must focus on.
The inside that makes us what we are.
This is why we should be attracted to another person.
Not because of their physical characteristics.

I read in a book a while back (I don’t remember the book) something similar.
When looking at someone of the opposite gender,
Don’t think of the outside, think of the inside.
Would you be willing to live with that person 50 years later?
Would you be willing to grow old and die with that person?
When all physical attractiveness is gone?
Would you be willing to feed that person when they become unable to do it for themselves?
Would you be willing to listen to the same story over and over again when the have no short term memory?

We should not be as concerned with how the person looks as much as we are how the person acts.
This is the true person.
Their character,
Not their body,
Is what counts.


Palm boy said...

"Our society focuses too much on the eternal."

I hope you meant the External.

Otherwise, Happy Singles Awareness day to you too.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

yes, yes
Thank you for catching the spelling error.
I had already fixed it.

Carey said...

Why wasn't I informed of this important day? I now have a favourite holiday. *laughs*

In all seriousness, you are very right, Jason. I am, in fact, quite impressed with your statement. But in all truthfullness, isn't appearance the first thing you notice in the opposite gender? After all, you are a man, and men have very 'observant' eyes.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

fair enough.
My point was only that it shouldn't be the only or main thing we focus on.
God set that up so that guys would over vome that nervousness of the cituation.
Society think that that's all there is.