01 September 2006


I took my parents to some of my classes today.
They went with me to German and Physics.
We had a sub for both classes.

German class was funny.
My dad was feeding answers to the cadets behind the teachers back.
That was entertaining.

Physics was ok.
Had some demos and a review for a test coming up.

A Sikorsky MH-53 PaveLow III had come in from NM during my German class.
(That’s a really big helicopter)
So we got to take a quick tour and watch them take off.
The pilot was showing off,
So it looked really cool.

They cancelled the parade because of storms.
There was much rejoicing.
Much to the amusement of my parents.


Palm boy said...

Wow. Jason called a Pavelow helicopter cool.

It rained up there? Same here, for about 20 hours.

What did ya'll do in leiu of the parade?

Palm boy said...

New post!
*starts picketing*