28 September 2006

Vote Bird

Yes it is that time of year again...
The campaing season has started.
Who am I kidding...
The elections have already started.
And this year,
The Air Force has entered the political areana.
Thats' right,
The Bird is going up against the other college mascots,
(If you can call this place a college)
In the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge.
Right now,
The Bird is tied for second.
He needs your help.
So do your patriotic duty and Vote Bird.
You are allowed to vote once a day,
And it only takes two minutes.
So get out there and rock the vote.



Palm boy said...

*rocked the vote*

~*Joyzey*~ said...

Now he's in the lead by about 400 (or was it 4,000?) votes.