20 September 2006

JSF F-35 Lightning II Simulator

They brought the JSF Simulator here last week.
That was a lot of fun.
I spent the better part of an hour playing in it.

I got the hang of it so quickly,
The guys running it left me to do what I wanted with it.
One time,
I was coming in for a landing in the A model.
I landed like a normal plane,
And then I decided I wanted to take off vertically.
So I looked around and found the simulator control panel.
I flipped a switch and was instantly in the B model.
I pushed the only button in the cockpit,
And the plane converted to VTOL mode.
So I took off vertically,
Climbed a few hundred feet,
And converted back to normal flight.
I had hit Mach 1.1 in less than a minute.
Definitely a sweet plane.

After a while,
General Borne, the Dean of Faculty, came down to check out the simulator.
That would have been a good time to disappear,
But my bag was on the other side of the room.
Best to become invisible.
It didn’t work.
The folks running the simulator asked her if she would like to fly.
She looked at me,
And said, “ Cadet TheEarthCanBeMoved, would you like to fly it?”
Thinks: “Stealth has been compromised! Begin evasive actions!”
“No thank you maam, I just finished flying.”
Backpack status: Still out of range.
So she climbs in the cockpit and they show her how to fly it.
I figure now her attention is diverted,
So I can stay and watch.
Her assistant starts asking me questions,
And I wound up helping show her how the plane works.


Redwalldebater said...

wow... sounds fun!

Palm boy said...

Nice. Did you do a vertical landing as well?

Anonymous said...

Well Jason you made our day. Go Vertical with the real thing baby!

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

L.M. engineer friend is working on stealth pilot technology for you ;-)

Mercy Now said...

Cool! Sounds exciting. I so envy you. Did you fly by the control tower like Tom Cruise did in Top Gun? Oh wait, that was the Navy.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

As a matter of fact...
I did.

~*Joyzey*~ said...

LOL, You really buzzed them?!?!

Great story. And now you have pics with her.

You know, the Cadet TheEarthCanBeMoved thing will only work if (1) No one reads the comments. Ever. Or (2) You some how make everyone stop saying your real name on the comments. Good luck with number 2!