20 September 2006


Rugby was fun.
We played Squadron 8.
And it just so happens,
That the Wing Commander is in Squadron 8.
And he’s on their Rugby team.
The 4*’s enjoyed that.
They all were going to see who could get the most tackles on him.
But he’s a big guy,
So they didn’t get much opportunity to take him down.

I did get a take down on him though.
I got to tackle the Wing Commander.


Anonymous said...

Hey - Hey, Want to play tackle !

Redwalldebater said...

and you're so proud of that aren't you?


You need to check out the new look for my blog *evil*

Mercy Now said...

Yeah, I remember when I was in jr high that I wanted to tackle my coach so bad and so one day he allowed us and the whole PE class did but the whole PE class bounced off of him.