19 September 2006


So I was at breakfast,
When one of my 4*’s says,
(With a pirate accent)
“Yarr! Cadet TheEarthCanBeMoved,
Sir, may I make a statement.”
(This is what they have to do when they want to say something,
Except with out the “Yarr”)
I’m a little confused,
So I say,
“Yeah, sure. What’s up?”
“Yarr Sir, It here be International Talk Like A Pirate Day”
“Uh huh…”
“Aye Sir! It is”
“Alrighy then… You have fun with that”

My 4*’s can be rather entertaining at times.

And it gets better.
We’re standing at the tables for lunch.
Over the speakers…
(With a pirate accent)
“Yarr, Wing Tench hut.
Yarr, Wing at ease ya scallywags.
Wing take seats.”


Redwalldebater said...

What is really annoying is that at the swim meet today it wasn't

"swimmers step up"

it was....

"Swimmers on the plank"

*roll eyes*

It was horrible

Palm boy said...

Aye, this be great for our fleets.

~*Joyzey*~ said...

If I had known that it was Talk like a Pirate Day, I think I may have had fun. But I was in church meetings for most of the day. And I didn't know, so yeah.