17 September 2006

Parents Weekend

Labor day weekend was fun.
My family came up and we went camping.
Met with Chris and his dad and his sponsor family.
We met them out in the middle of National Forest.
There was almost no one else out there.
Had fun.

According to Chris,
I should have either died,
Or been seriously injured several times that day.

We took the 4-Wheeler out to a jump he had been to before.
He showed me how to do it,
And then I tried.
The first thing that went through my mind while flying through the air was,
“This feels a lot higher than it looked like he went.”
And it was.
He said my wheels were seven feet off the ground.
His were like three.
He said the highest he’d seen was four or five.

It gets better.
While leading the group down a trail through a field,
I noticed two jeeps coming the opposite direction,
So I tried to pull my bike off the road and drive just to the right of it.
Except I got stuck in a rut.
So the bike dumped me.
I hit the ground and did a combat roll,
Jumped up,
And got back on the bike.
According to Chris,
I was doing close to 50 mph.
All I got was a scratch.

And the scariest part about the whole thing,
Is that it didn’t scare me.
I know that means I’ll keep on going until it does scare me.
And I know that’ll be as I’m flying off a cliff.
Then it’ll be to late.
That’s the part that scares me.

So we went out on the trails.
My dad, mom, Sis, Chris, and I.
I took lead that time while Chris followed.
I usually look back to make sure that the group is still behind me.
But this time we were going down a particularly rough trail.
So before I got a chance to look over it had been a while.When I did,
There was no one behind me.
So I pulled over and waited.

After a while Chris comes and tells me what’s up,
He told me my sister had fallen off her bike.
I asked her if she was ok.
His answer,
"I don't know"
So I took off back up the trail I had just come down.
I know I was going a lot faster than I should have.But as far as I could tell,
I didn't have much a choice.
My sis had fallen off her bike and I didn't know her condition.

When I got there,
She was fine.
She was already back on her bike ready to go.
We decided that the sun was getting low,
And it was time to head back to camp.
We were planning to go see a movie and we had to be moving if we were going to make it.

When we got back to camp,
I let Chris know what I was thinking.
If your going to tell me my sister fell,
And I ask if she's ok,
I don't want to hear "I don't know."
That is the wrong answer.

We went into town to see the movie.
We saw Step Up.
I liked it.
I thought it was a good movie.
It was clean,
And had a good story line.
(Even if it was predictable)

And I got to go clothes shopping.
I finally got some decent civilian clothes.
Mainly swing stuff,
But it looks nice.

And that was my Labor Day weekend.


Palm boy said...

So, now we have a face to place with the name, Chris.

7 feet in the air? Awsome!!
And a combat roll at 50mph... Dude.

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Where'd ya'll get the equipment?

DAWEED said...

sweeet so who owned all the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers?

Redwalldebater said...


you're crazy... you do know that right?

Sorry, but sometimes it's just a little scary the stuff you do and I'm not sure that you going off a cliff thinking "oh S*#4" Is exactly what I want to hear next....

That said

Can I go next time?

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun. You and me need to do some crazy stuff some time... like jump out of airplanes. :)

Anonymous said...

That was me = Malorie

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Where'd we get the bikes?
I have my sources.

Jumping out of plans is on my list of things todo before I graduate.
But that cliff thing isn't.

thepatriot15 said...

That's really sweet about your sister. :) I bet she appreciates having such a protective brother.

And this post just solidifies my belief that boys seriously lack common sense... but hey, that's why God created girls; to patch you guys up when you do something stupid! Just kidding. :)

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

If she does,
She hides it really well.

I think you're right.
And you're also right about "when" not "if"

~*Joyzey*~ said...

Ok, I got to see this post the other day, But I didn't have the time to read anything when I hopped on. But when I saw that pic of you on the bike, my jaw dropped. I was in no way expecting that!