31 August 2006

1000's Night

That was fun.
I met my family at Arnold Hall for dinner.
We talked for a while until it was time for Swing Club.
They insisted that they just wanted to watch.
So I let them.
And I did show off a bit more than normal.
Just to see the reaction on their face.

I finally got my mom and dad out on the floor.
I taught them Swing and Tango.
But my dad still needs a little work on the steps.

Even my sister danced with me.
I consider this an accomplishment since she thinks I'm stuck in the 20's because I like this stuff.
She did really well too.
I was impressed.


Wanta be Dancin Dad said...


Swinging Cadet from USAFA to...

Teach fumble, bumble, tumble DAD too...

Swing and Tango with one hot mamma ;-)

Available Thanksgiving break,

Momma counting the days until Dad-dio can dance!

Signed: desperate to dance - Dad

Palm boy said...


Your sister thinks your stuck in the 20's? Hehe.

How big is arnold hall, if all the families were in there dancing?