20 August 2006

I've Been Saying This For a While Now

Watch out for the squirrels


~*Joyzey*~ said...

Is it a problem for yall up there too?

Palm boy said...

Dang, colorado has some serious squirrel issues. Those Rocky Mountain Minibears, AKA Chickmuncks are the darned heavy armor of the squirrel army.
They've taken a BUNCH of my snacks in the week I was up there. Like, juice and water, my crackers and chips, and one of my friends Ice Cream, right out of his hand.
And they took my belt off my sleeping bag, but thankfully left it when he realized it wasn't good for eating.

Tabitha said...

*shifting eyes...leans over and whispers in your ear...*
"The squirrels are watching you!"